My Top 5 Most Repurchased Products

My hot water heater is broken again. I am now on day 3 in between showers. I am recovering from a weekend of misery from food poisoning. My face is a mess of scabs and zits. Life is getting REAL.

It’s times like these when I revisit old comforts. So here they are: my tried and trues, my top 5 most repurchased products of all time.

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Turkey: Favorite Vacation


It took me awhile, but I have FINALLY mashed up all of the shots I took during my trip to Turkey with Jack in May. This took quite awhile to edit simply because of the sheer amount of footage I recorded. Jack’s mom is from Turkey, so it was really special to experience the place that houses half of his identity. I absolutely fell in love with the country, and more specifically, Istanbul. (more…)